The Historian's Chronicles

Adventure Log for 2/9/2013

The party stands at the exit of Helmrest, facing Redwood. Before they can act, however, Myra Sweetbrush regains some semblance of consciousness. Clearly unbalanced, she faces Calix Desundair and demands that he return the Amulet of Zon-Kuthon which he is holding. Reluctantly, he consents. After muttering a few arcane words into the skull, she throws it on the ground and disappears, leaving a sizable pool of blood in her wake. In a quick decision, the party splits: one half approaches Redwood directly, while the other investigates the dimensional portal left by Myra.

The heroes who approach Redwood take note of massive size as they approach, and the wind impeding their progress grows stronger and stronger. The land itself begins to fight against them, grass wrapping around their ankles. While the druid seeks to strike a bargain with the creature, the rest throw themselves into the fray.

The members that go through the portal are also faced with a bizarre sight. Through the portal seems to be a collection of restoration and preservation materials, all surrounding a altar to the glory of Zon-Kuthon. The centerpiece of this foul shrine is none other than Alain Sweetbrush, Myra’s husband who had supposedly dies years ago during a lizardfolk raid. Through the power of the Tortured One, his life has been preserved, albeit at the cost of unending, mind-shattering pain. Apparently, Myra has been seeking to restore the life of her husband, but when faced with the destruction of the town, desperately seeks to create a direct connection to Zon-Kuthon through her husband, and bargain for his divine aid in the battle against Redwood. Out of options, she begs the party to help her in the ritual.

Davorin “Dave” and Kal Antum consent. Through their blood, the ritual is completed, but Zon-Kuthon demands a payment in return for his services. He asks for Calix Desundair to bow to him, and relinquish his eye. To the first of these demands, Calix gives in, but when asked for an eye, in a fit of righteous rage, stabs Alain. Overwrought and tortured with heartbreak, Myra throws herself at Calix as Zon-Kuthon laughs, and grants his bloodfire to Davorin “Dave” and Kal Antum. The party flees, leaving Myra and the dying, possessed body of Alain Sweetbrushtrapped in the dominion of He Who Hurts.



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