The Historian's Chronicles

Log for 12/1/2012

Luckily, April the Pipesmoker was saved from his fiery fate by Sylvestr the Convoluted,Eran Freewill, Davorin, and Admiral Bjorg LongBeard, who had been sent as support for the party. However, the fled from a large black moving tree, which attacked them soon afterwards. Once they were reunited, the party ran into another of these strange trees and were forced to destroy it.

They had scarcely defeated the tree and rescued two lizardmen from death when they were sent a message via the Historian’s Guild symbols on their uniforms. The forest was to be firebombed, and the party barely managed to escape to the hills before the entire forest was lit up by the 3rd Legion. Upon returning to town, the PCs were greeted with the sight of soldiers setting up a magical protective shell around the town, and armed men walking in the street; Helmrest was now under the martial rule of the commander of the 3rd Legion, a man known as Yuesef Greyholt. The party was called to meet with the commander, and also arranged for a secret meeting with the distraught Myra Sweetbrush afterwards. Yuesef Greyholt (Who had been scrying on the party) apologized for the sudden intrusion of the 3rd Legion, and asked about the PCs’ involvement in the swamp. He thanked them for retrieving the two lizardfolk, and then swiftly executed one of them in Myra’s office. The PCs were then dismissed and left to wander about the city until their meeting with Myra later that night.



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