The Historian's Chronicles

Log for 01/26/2013

Upon returning from break, and due to laziness on the part of the DM, a short adventure was played.
It consisted of a brief pre-adventure, during which the party was recruited to seek out and subdue a hill giant which had taken up residence in the caves near Helmrest. The party set out quickly. Much to their consternation, however, they found the cave filled only with cows on their arrival. These cows, however, quickly proved to have abandoned their peaceful bovine way of life in favor of giant fangs, a thirst for blood, and (for at least two of them), leathery wings with which to fly. The giant, who had been deeper in the caves, heard the battle and joined the fray. He too was quickly eliminated, however.

Within the caves, they found:

1 Jar of Hill Giant Wine
3 Rolls of Textiles of high quality
A +1 Defensive Short Sword
A +2 Long Sword
2,300 gp

Assorted fruits and veggies!

This is in addition to the 5,500 gp for the bounty.

This story is happy end.


Who took the long sword and short sword? I vote we sell them and distribute party gold… I don’t believe anybody uses either type of sword. If I am mistaken, let me know!

Log for 01/26/2013

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