The Historian's Chronicles

Log for 12/8/2012

Upon their meeting with Myra Sweetbrush, the party learned that Helmrest has now been placed under quarantine by Yuesef Greyholt and the rest of the 3rd Legion. Concerned for the safety of the town from threats both within and without, Myra tasked the party with two objectives: the first, to retrieve the Order of Quarantine (ratified by four of the six legions) from her office, which had been commandeered by Greyholt, and the second, to investigate the magical barriers constructed by the 3rd Legion around the town.

Following a large number of hijinks in scaling the outside of the Historian’s Guild Hall, the newcomer Calix simply flew to the top of the tower. He retrieved the order (after some difficulty) and also found, to his surprise and revulsion, a true amulet of Zon-Kuthon, an evil deity of pain and darkness, continuously dripping a lethal poison.

As this transpired, a second group consisting of Eran “Charisma” Freewill, Trini Dottelight, and Sylvestr the Convoluted walked to the gates, outside of which the magical barriers had been constructed. After close examination, they found that the poles were used to keep people and objects entrapped within, but allow objects to enter into the space. After a (cough, cough) friendly chat with a guard, they nabbed a small talisman which should allow them to walk through the protective magics. However, as they left, they could already see gaunt and skeletal trees silently invade the city…

The party reconvened at the tavern, and quickly went to the hidden smuggler cellar which Myra had been waiting in. When they arrived there, however, she was gone. Before they could leave the tavern, however, they were confronted by Yuesef Greyholt who had been waiting for them…



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