The Historian's Chronicles

Log for 2/2/2013

We return to the party, as they encounter Yuesef Greyholt inside the pub. Directing them to the armbands they left behind when speaking with Myra Sweetbrush, he speaks candidly about his intentions. It appears as though the 3rd Legion has been tracking a creature through the Wild for some time. Unable to scry directly onto it, they could only observe the massive swathes of destruction it caused in its passage closer and closer to the west and the border of the great forests of the Wild. It has been heading for Helmrest. In an effort to finally capture and kill the creature, Yuesef explained, Helmrest is to be used as bait; the beast will be trapped within the arcane ballistic shield, while the Legion firebombs it, destroying both the creature and the town itself. Unwilling to risk the plan, Yuesef has refused to authorize an evacuation. Suggesting the party flee while they can, Yuesef leaves to attend to his troops.
The party also leaves- after being waylaid by an animate tree, from whom they quickly deduce the truth; the creature sought by the 3rd Legion is a massive, sentient tree known as Redwood. The full extent of the powers of Redwood are not yet known.
The party rapidly splits up – some begin fighting back the living trees that have begun to occupy the city and directing as many townspeople as possible to the boarders of the town, while others head directly to the Guild Hall, seeking to locate the lizardman who the party had once brought to Yuesef for questioning. Once there, they find the creature, tortured and strapped to some kind of operating table. Shaking him conscious, he manages to convey that Redwood cannot be harmed by normal or magical fire, and that they must seek what the lizard man calls Bloodfire or Hellfire, bestowed by He Who Hurts, a name for Zon-Kuthon. In another cell, they find Myra Sweetbrush, who also displays signs of having been tortured. The group takes both prisoners to the city gates, where they meet up with the rest of the party, having rescued about 200 citizens, not including much of the city guard. As the party is reunited and the sun begins to rise in the East, the silhouette of a massive redwood tree can be seen, standing alone in the ashes of the forest burnt by the Legion.



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