The Historian's Chronicles

November Summary

After the lizardfolk attack on the town was successfully repelled, Myra Sweetbrush sent the PC’s to track down the settlement from which the battalion of lizardfolk came from. With the help of Myra’s scrying abilities, the PCs followed a released lizard-man to a small settlement, entirely devoid of living lizardfolk. The corpses within the hamlet had seemingly terrorized by the wood of the town itself, which had been animated in some regard. The party then followed a small blood trail deeper into the swamp, where they found a clutch of lizardfolk eggs in the center of a wooden henge. In a fit of rage, they lit the eggs on fire, seemingly angering the spirit of the swamp itself. They fled from the water elementals which rose from the swampwater, and were separated from April who returned to the original hovel. While the rest of the party fought off a small number of lizardfolk covered in chitinous tree-bark, he set fire to one of the shacks, and through a series of unfortunate events, was caught under the burning rubble.



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