The Historian's Chronicles

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 2:

Continuing The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 1:

The Sharky Sword-Eaters left the mutilated bodies of Steve the Bandit and his companions unburied, advancing forward through the ruins of Elgia. Upon consulting the map of Elgia that the Proudrock Consortium bestowed upon the Clan, the group decided to head out towards the Elgian Settlement.

After a few hours of marching in battle order through the ruins, the Sword-Eaters ran into a few kindly fellows, residents of the ruins. Mr. Sandyhat had the wise idea of befriending these kind fellows, describing their business and how successful their lucrative adventures had been of late. However, these amiable souls did not seem interested in his stories, fixated somewhat on the described loot. Several seconds later, these individuals were enormous bears and boars, and began attacking the poor travelers. These individuals did not appear to be your typical lycan clan, as their lycanthropy seemed to come from some strange arcane source from within the beings.

Upon slaying the beasts via unorthodox means (including, but not limited to, summoning a rhinoceros falling upon their heads), Calix and Sandyhat determined that the arcane field within Elgia was somewhat disturbed by the Disarcanon. Pockets of strong arcane power were manifest within the city ruins, and some odd residual arcane remnants were likely warping individuals within the ruins. Bambi likewise concluded that the residual arcane forces would likely have tangible impacts upon the island and its inhabitants.

The Sword-Eaters continued their merry quest, reaching the Elgian Settlement. Kal Antum and Bambi’s companion were blocked from entering the small establishment by some invisible force, much like the force surrounding Helmsrest during the Redwood Incident. Mr. Sandyhat, always the diplomat, threatened Steve the Inhabitant to let Kal and the wolf within the village.

Steve led the Clan to his favorite leader’s abode, the house of Ustler the Governator Mayor-King, though he prefers to be called God. Oddly, Steve warned the party not to mention “the spoon.” Odd. The SSE entered Ustler’s house, marching right up his stairs and into his study. By the general decor within the house, Ustler was clearly a powerful wizard.

Ustler was reading texts within his study, when the party entered. He did not seem to be very happy that Steve the Inhabitant was alive. Needless to say, upon listening to a few seconds of the party’s quest, he interrupted Calix’ speech for more important items: his pig farm. Ustler took the party behind his house, showing them his pig farm. Within the farm was his prized pig, who won the Elgian Pig Competition, hosted by Ustler himself.

Needless to say, Ustler scoffed at the idea of some artifact that drew substantial power from the arcane field. He put forth the theory that arcane power is related to geography, landscape, and a number of other factors. The teleportation circle of Elgia had lost power as of late. When the Disarcanon occurred, the Elgian Laylines began dissipating arcane power needed to use the circle. This then explains why the SSE’s did not instantly appear in the Elgian teleportation circle when attempting to transport themselves there.

The Elgian Laylines are much like a power grid, that somehow channel mana through them. The entire city was once powered by a central power station, situated beneath the center of the city. This massive generator created substantial mana flows, which were then distributed throughout the city via laylines for various uses. Thus, when the laylines were shut down by the Disarcanon, the powered down grid slowly sapped whatever mana was left from the teleportation circle, rendering it useless. Ustler informed the Sword-Eaters that the grid must come back online to reinstate the teleportation circle.

However, Ustler informed the party of the exact location of the Archives of Elgia, where the party would most likely find more knowledge about mana flows and the natural realm. Ustler requested the party find the History of Druidic Empowerment, Version 3.5.

The Sword-Eaters set out towards the Archives, stopping only to climb up the 50 ft cliff formed by the beginning of the second layer of the city. Outside of the Archives was a lumbering monster comprised of large blocks of the city ruins, somehow bound together by arcane energy. Upon cutting the beast in twain handily, the party entered the Archives.

The nameless Rogue appeared! Out of stealth, she came from hiding!

Within the Archives, on the ceiling of the antechamber was a huge mural. The elaborate painting showed smoke rising from the city of Proudrock, and a swarm of enormous red dragons flying to the East, heading to face some remarkable force. Here, the painting was cut off by the ruin.

The Sword-Eaters entered the main Archive chambers, plowing through bookshelves and locating the ones so desired. Within this chamber resided some strange ooze, which appeared to be some sentient, but not sapient, arcane power made solidly manifest. The ever-inquisitive Rogue poked the ooze with her sword, and received quite a nasty jolt from it.

The Clan continued, locating the pathway created by Ustler from the Archives down into the old power generators of Elgia. Upon entering the central control room, the party decided to flick on a large switch within a control panel. This appeared to turn on the overhead lights of the complex, and glowing arcane runes on the walls began glowing.

Several seconds later, a strange portal appeared within the room. Calix poked his head through said portal, to see Dave the Barbarian! Thinking it amusing, the same individual tossed a bottle of wine through said portal, which was quickly followed by a beautiful white mare.

And then I left. So idk what happened since.



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