The Historian's Chronicles

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 3:

After coming into contact with the rest of the party through some sort of portal, the Sharky Sword-Eaters continued forth on their divine mission.

Upon a closer investigation of the power system’s antechamber, the group noticed odd grooves set into the floor. Likewise, the ceiling appeared to have a finer stone surface than the floor itself! Paying no mind to this oddity, the group began exploring the tunnels of the arcane generator.

Upon entering the first room, the party encountered Earl the Vampire! After having a lengthy discussion with the drunkard, whom was recently embibed by Calix, Bambi convinced him to join their noble quest. Somehow, she convinced him using unconventional seduction techniques involving his arm nub (his left arm ended before the elbow in a rather grotesque bone stump). Earl was easily swayed by the promise of many beautiful, one-armed wives, a fine castle, and sheer excess for the rest of his days. Subsequently, the party slew his wives.

An anti-gravity field began forming within the complex, becoming stronger and stronger with each successive arcane generator being powered back on. Eventually, gravity was completely reversed, ensuing a long argument about which way was up and what really was the ceiling or not.

After resetting each of the auxiliary generators, the party had the wise and grande idea of entering the magma reaction chamber itself. The chamber had small pools of magma forming around cracks in the floor (ceiling). A huge metal rod ran down the center of the chamber, plausibly as some sort of heat collection system. With the full system startup, magma began pouring out of grooves in the floor (ceiling) to begin welling around the party’s feet. From the magma rose an enormous lava dragon!

To be continued…



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