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Level 9

Str: 16 / +3
Dex: 20 / +5
Con: 16 / +3
Int: 16 / + 3
Wis: 8 / -1
Cha: 13 / +1

AC: 18
Touch: 15
Flat-Foot: 12

Fort: +6
Ref: +11
Will: +2

Melee: +9
Ranged: +11
CMB: +9
CMD: + 9

Feats and Features:
-sneak attack +5d6
-trap sense +3
-improved uncanny dodge
-point blank shot
-fast stealth
-elven magic
-elven immunities


The Rogue is an elf, with dark hair that has almost a twinge of deep purple in certain lights. A very serious person, she rarely laughs and keeps quite most of the time. Her past and name is unknown. She is Chaotic Neutral, for nothing ever really makes sense anyways.

She was taken away from her home in teens by an evil mage who forced her to work for him. Susceptible to magical attacks and influences, it didn’t take much from the mage to manipulate her mind into a world of illusions, controlling her mind. It was during the course of this transformation that she lost her memory of her prior life. As a result, she doesn’t know who she is or where she came from, surmising that she must have been abducted from her home at an early age, although she accepts the fact that it may have been her parents themselves who sold her. It wasn’t until the mage was killed in a Historian’s Guild mission that she was set free from his control.

Extremely grateful to the Historian’s Guild, they helped her recover a little from her years of slavery. With no memory of her past, or any knowledge of daily life, she is uncomfortable with society. Her past makes it hard for her to trust others, yet her deep-rooted fear of magic has also caused her to mistrust herself. As such, with no past and no idea of her future, she feels lost. The Historian’s Guild gives her direction and purpose, allowing her to avoid the problems of her past and her misplacement within society. In a world full of chaos, she feels the Historian’s Guild is doing the most help to keep order. Although she is loyal to the Guild, she is also searching for her place within Aurnia.

After the recent events at Helmrest involving a massive tree exploding into a wall of fire, she had a slight relapse in her recovery; she took a two-year break from working for the Guild and constantly travelled around Aurnia. Needing to get away from society and the discomfort it gives her, she headed north, exploring the Loeriella Mountains extensively. Largely avoiding towns, she passed through them only by necessity, using her stealth to allow her to pass unnoticed, including . During her time in solitude, she did some introspective thinking. She follows no god, as to her they all are spiteful towards other gods and in their desire for mortal support. She believes they cause more tension than peace, and as evident by the Helmrest incident, any god can do as much help/damage as another, whether or not one believes in them. She is also open to all races, even those not considered good, as in the end they all are capable of thought, and as such should be able think for themselves. Yet their religion can at times not force them to question their situation. And, in the end, all races are susceptible to magical forces, and this is something she understands very well. She doesn’t want to go into too much detail about what happened during those two years, but one thing is certain: the Rogue still has much to learn…

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