Admiral Bjorg LongBeard


Bjorg is a Dwarven Cavalier specializing in the arcane.
He’s currently a brick able to take hits and shrug em’ off. With reach weapons, and his soon to be riding tiger (Data),his role in combat is to throw around attacks of opportunity, protect his fellow companions, and provide support for the attacks of others.


Bjorg was born into a small convent of Dwarves well out of the realm of modernity. The Order of the Tome represents a two hundred year old order of dwarves steadfastly loyal to the empire even in the face of the disarconan. Upon the dissolution of the empire a small clan of dwarves went into hiding until such a point when they could reestablish the lawful and arcanic empire they believe to be the one true light in this chaotic lands. In the period between the disarconon and now, the Order of the Tome has brazenly upheld the military, monarchical, and nobility structure of the empire (to the point of a farce) and has proclaimed as its duty the protection of all imperial knowledge and mystical relics. Bjorg represents the first Order member to leave the hallowed halls and venture into the outside world. Armed with the Order’s hope that the Historian’s Guild represents a return of the Empire, his loyal friend from childhood Data, and some small supplies Bjorg enters this rag tag band of adventures as a means to explore the dangerous world and recover what little he can find from the Empire that his order holds so dear.

Admiral Bjorg LongBeard

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