Alain Sweetbrush

Possessed, Perpeptually-Dying Husband of Myra Sweetbrush


Alain Sweetbrush was a resident craftsman of Helmrest, known for his work with iron engraving. Married to Myra Sweetbrush, the two had a happy and (surprisingly) fruitful marriage with two children. However, during an attempted raid on the town by the nearby lizardfolk, Alain was killed, and Myra was left a heartbroken widow.

Recently, however, the PCs have found that Alain is not quite as dead as was commonly thought. Myra had saved her husband from his fate by the whim of Zon-Kuthon, the deity of pain and suffering. Through his dark power, Alain was kept alive in continual pain, as his wife worked desperately to restore his decaying and perpeptually-failing body. In an effort to save the town of Helmrest from another threat, Myra then used Alain as a channel for Zon-Kuthon, an attempt that worked all too well. Zon-Kuthon granted the PCs his Bloodfire, but in the process, the cleric of Desna Calix Desundair impaled Alain with a star-knife, which has resulted in Alain’s slow and painful end. When last seen, Alain and Myra were left trapped in the dimensional shrine of Zon-Kuthon as the party members fled the scene.

Alain Sweetbrush

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