Minature Rust Monster, Team Morality Pet and Collective Familiar


Found while exploring an ancient, ruined watchtower, Bean is a infant Rust Monster, a race generally considered to be the bane of adventurers and craftsmen alike. However, the resident druid was able, through a rather impressive training effort, to domesticate this scurrying aberration. While currently around the size of a cat, Bean does grow at an alarming pace, as does his appetite. Despite the temptation of all those yummy magical weapons and pieces of armor that surround him on a daily basis, he is usually content with a daily allotment of old iron fillings and nails. He tends to appear and disappear depending on how useful he is in any given situation.

If prompted by the party, he can consume a total of about 5 pounds of metal at a given time. But it gives him a terrible stomachache.


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