Calix Desundair

A dashing cleric of Desna.




Who is Calix Desundair?

Calix is an Aasimar, with pale skin and white, almost gold, hair. He’s cheerful and energetic. While Calix may be an optimist, his wisdom tempers his optimism for a more realistic outlook on the world. His chaotic-good nature leads him to help those in need, sometimes to the detriment of himself and in outright disregard to the law. But he’s pretty good at it, being good, and especially good at the chaotic part. Yet despite his chaotic nature, there seems to be an order to his own chaos that only he really seems to understand.


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Events of the Time Skip.

“So, obviously I go to find a way to get my arm-unwithered”
Wiser words have never been spoken, by Calix Desundair.
Calix visited important landmarks to the Desnan faith, eventually ending up in the northern trade capital of Proudrock, where one of the largest temples and congregations to Desna resides.

“I’ve learned that in order to truly prevent an evil god it takes more than just physical might. My god is strong enough to face Zon-Kuthon, but requires a an emissary who is not just strong, but clever, and wise too. Strength in ways that go beyond physical”, said Calix, in a revelation and new way of thinking about his faith.

While there Calix heard of a wise, old merchant, respected by many, and yet who dealt in the “Gray Market”, goods of less than legal status, but all of which were ethical. On rumor and advice from a fellow cleric, Calix sought out the merchant, only to find out that he too followed Desna. He believed she protected the liberty of trade, and people’s ability to rise above their initial social and economic standings.

Calix believed that should Zon-Kuthon, or any other evil gods return, they must be ready. He continued working for the Historian’s guild, going out on more dangerous missions, into more unknown places, specifically those of religious or magical importance. As well as using his newly trained skills in economics for more subtle missions, that kept him closer to Proudrock.

While the Historians Guild contained the occasional crazy, such as Myra, Calix believes in changing it for the better from the inside out.

Calix trains physically, socially, and mentally, preparing for what may or may not come.While of course maintaining some kind of relationship with the Historians Guild, they have power, influence, access to normally difficult to access areas. He also trains any of the devout in the guild to worship Desna and resist the influence of corrupting gods, such as Zon-Kuthon.

As he continued trading, starting various trade relations and getting to know more people in and outside of the Historian’s guild, he heard of the western coast of Aurinia. There the black market’s chalice runneth over with artifacts and magic, those the guild sorely wanted, and Calix helped obtain, assuming they were good and he could use them.

In this time Calix became friends with a wide variety of colorful characters in the guild and outside the guild. Such as the colorful dwelf who ran the Proudrock Historians Guild artifact vault. He loved getting drunk as possible off of the most expensive of wine. Calix gave him a bottle of the Giant Wine as a birthday gift. Dwelf has still not run out of the wine. (Expect the tales of this timeskip to come to a bookstore near you in paperback and hard cover!)

As for his personality, Calix is still the charismatic, energetic, and ridiculous cleric everyone knows and loves. However, he has grown a bit. He’s wiser, a bit harder around the edges, he has seen some things, a few of which he would rather not talk about.

Calix Desundair

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