Davorin "Dave"

He's a barbarian. His role in combat is to hit things.


At Level 7:

Davorin “Dave”
Barbarian 7
Neutral Good

HP: 107 (damn skippy)
Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 18
Int: 11
Wis: 14
Cha: 12

AC: 21 (sort of)
Fort: 7
Ref: 5
Will: 4

Also other cool stats.

Weapons: Greatsword (+1) “Diplomacy” / Warhammer “Sense Motive” / 5 Daggers

Languages: Common, Elven


Davorin was born into the Lokfar Tribe, a human society of barbarians living on the outskirts of civilization in Aurnia.
While everyone knows that the Disarcanon wreaked havoc on the Empire and on more civlized peoples, it is less commonly recognized that many of the borderland tribes were decimated as well. The Lokfar’s village was almost completely destroyed during the Disarcanon, and the elders believed this a magical attack by the Empire. They readied their remaining warriors to march on what was left of civilization, but were interrupted by a small group of elves, who explained that similar catastrophies had affected all of Aurnia. The barbarians were pacified, and the elves (Davorin’s young father among them), who were the sole survivors of their woodland home, joined the Lokfar.
Many were suprised when Davorin’s mother married his father, who was an elf. The elves of the tribe had generally kept their distance, living together and rarely participating in the tribe’s customs and traditions. Davorin was the first half-elf to be born to the tribe. However, Davorin’s mother was descended from a long line of respected Lokfar, and his father, though elven, had essentially grown up with the tribe and had proved himself as a warrior. Thus, Davorin was often looked upon by his fellows with some suspicion, but also respect. Despite his great physical strength and his prowess in combat, many of the tribe’s elders do not know what to think of him.
Given the various pressures placed upon him by the tribe and by his birth, Davorin decided to strike out on his own. Leaving the tribe to adventure and perform great deeds is a highly honorable career path for Lokfar. With the blessing of his family and his elders, he has set out to become a hero of legend- to defend all that is good, to destroy evil creatures and achieve glory in battle. He will endeavor not to return to his tribe until word of his great deeds has reached their ears by other means. Through adventuring, Davorin dreams of not only gaining the respect of his tribe and all who know him, but to be immortalized in the hearts and minds of all Aurnians.
Davorin was somewhat disappointed upon learning that most of the power in Aurnia his currently held by… historians. Still, he understood quickly that working for the Historian’s Guild would provide the best opportunity for adventure. Though the Guild generally acts in the best interest of the people (which Davorin wishes to do), he is suspicious of its motives. He has resolved to follow his conscience before any Guild order.
Still, he has come to trust his friends in his adventuring group, and is ready to defend them at any moment.

Davorin is exceptionally strong and tough, and excels in combat. His favorite weapon is the greatsword. His preferred method of operation in combat is to hit as hard as possible, doing his best to draw the enemies’ aggression towards himself, rather than his teammates. In keeping with this heroic attitude, he is usually the first into the fray.
Though his knowledge of things does not extend far outside of combat, Davorin is not as stupid as he seems. He feels that, in the group, he is the least intelligent, and so he needn’t exercise his brain as much. While this is tecnically true, he does have the capacity for though, and is actually smarter than most in his tribe, due to the tutelage of his elven elders. In Dave’s words, not all problems can be solved with a sword… but many of them can be.

He owns a pony named Bill. Further details forthcoming.

Davorin has harbored a deep hatred for and crippling fear of bats ever since the incident in the sewers beneath Helmrest. He was repeatedly attacked by a swarm of bats as he attemped to follow his compatriots up the rope they had lowered. Though he is convinced that his failure to climb was due to a fault in the rope, he has been scarred and will enter fight-or-flight mode at first sight of a bat.

Note that Davorin does not yet have a second name. By Lokfar tradition, the first name is given from a deceased ancestor, and so names are passed down through the family (though his is an elven name). The second name, however, is bestowed upon him after he has accomplished a great feat. For example, a Lokfar warrior who kills a dragon might be given the last name “Dragonslayer.”

TL;DR: Ash Ketchum, but in Lord of the Rings.

Davorin "Dave"

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