Eran "Charisma" Freewill

A Human Bard, Eran is a master of conversation, combat support, inspiring the masses, and knowing all there is to know about local and noble knowledge (and one pamphlet on the mating calls of bats).


STR 13
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 12
CHA 19

AC 16/TOUCH 13/FLAT-Footed 13



Height: 5’ 4 1/2”
Weight: 110 lbs
Skin: Pale White
Hair: Long blond
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Petite
Gender: ???

Eran Freewill took his/her name for Eran Strongwill (his/her great-great-great-great-great uncle): A strong and honorable paladin whose story was lost to time except for bits and pieces that have fallen through the cracks. Eran is the last remaining member out of a line of great adventures who declined family names instead taking the surnames adj-will. Eran’s parents were both strict fighters and when he/her showed the slightest inkling of magical powers everyone was shocked. They tried to push Eran into the role of a battle-mage but Eran was small and not the strongest fighter. Despite this Eran was always popular with both the boys and girls he/she grew up with telling the most captivating stories and getting whatever he/her desired. This popularity earned him/her the nickname of “Charisma” which still sticks to this day. The strict nature of Eran’s upbringing and his/her charisma led him/her clearly into the path of the bard. Eran picked the adj free for his/her surname to signify that he/her was finally is/her own person. While learning to be a bard Eran also picked up and fell in love with scribing. Eran has a few life goals in mind. He/she wants to Chronicle the continent and beyond, to write a book of bardic stories in order to preserve the honor of heroes, and have a long life full of excitement.

(The complete stories of Eran Freewill will be given later.)

Eran "Charisma" Freewill

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