Ivory Sinclair, the Ocean-Hearted

This tall, strong, handsome young man seeks to rid the world of all evil and chaos tirelessly.


Class: Barbarian (6), Cleric (6)
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good (so Ivory believes…)
Speed: 55 (65, raging)
AC: 9
HP: 105
Favored Weapon: Greataxe, specifically World-Breaker.
Favored Attack: Power Attack, Barbaric Rage, Battle Rage, Destructive Smite, and True Strike IN ONE FATAL BLOW.
Maximum Damage: 78
Minimum Damage: 28
Fort: +12
Ref: +4
Will: +7
Skills: Acrobatics, +35


Born to a drunken, alcoholic father and a mother who left shortly afterwards, Ivory Sinclair grew up in a lonely existence. Hating all sorts of drink, due to his experiences regarding his father, Ivory is yet to touch a drop of wine. He despises the chaos it brings upon an individual’s personality. Because of his abusive, drunken father, Sinclair’s sole purpose in life is to create a just and good world for all people that deserve to thrive in it. Thus, Ivory is a devout cleric of Rovagug, who, granting Ivory with divine power and inspiration, directs Ivory onto quests that rout all that is evil within the world on a most holy crusade. Those unfit to live in the perfect world to soon be created must be left out, in any fashion. Sinclair’s rage burns against impostors who declare themselves to be good and just, yet act without accordance to Rovagug’s divine law. A particularly burning hatred for Paladins rests in Ivory’s heart, as these Neanderthals prance around embarrassing what is well with the world, and cottle the young and weak. These paladins will not exist in Rovagug’s divine plan of goodness and justice for those that are worthy.

Because of Ivory’s asthma issues, Rovagug’s incessant anger within Sinclair poses quite an issue. Upon ending a barbaric rage, Ivory’s asthma kicks in, causing him to frequently pass out from a lack of oxygen. Luckily, this effect only takes place within dramatic climates. This includes excessive heat, cold, or other weather conditions (Such as rain! Humidity disturbs the lungs, you know.)(I’ll be making Fortitude saves = Rounds Raged + 10 + Distance Traveled during Rage / 5 or pass out for 4d6 rounds.) Why Rovagug chose such a flawed follower has always been questioned by Ocean-Heart.

Ivory is adorned with a beautiful, black leather cloak, engraved with the holy symbol of Rovagug on the back. Its fine quality and subtle tones give it an eerie feel, however. Sinclair once let it slip that it could be made of the skin of his father…

Due to a recent and traumatic experience with heights, Ivory was for a short time within the realm of the nonliving. From this, he learned that even those worthy to live within Rovagug’s divine plan may die, and he in fact is mortal. Similarly, those who are worthy for the divine path may be found within the catacombs and chambers of the dead, renewing his vigor for the undead. However, because worshipers of false prophets may be brought back, Ivory now carries a torch with him to eliminate the bodies of his enemies and eliminate this issue.

While Ivory’s corpse lay in its initial resting place, a horrible individual permanently marked Ivory with the words “Property of Bjorg” just above his flank. Likewise, odd arcane runes have appeared on Ivory’s inner thigh since his resurrection. Ivory, being illiterate, has not taken the time to have an individual translate these runes, however.

Ivory Sinclair, the Ocean-Hearted

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