Kal Antum

Bite sized fighter, cheerfully waves around a great sword two feet taller than him


Level 6

Str: 16 / +3
Dex: 16 / +3
Con: 15 / +2
Int: 13 / +1
Wis: 14 / +2
Cha: 16 / +3

AC: 18
Touch: 14
Flat-Foot: 15

Fort: +7
Ref: +5
Will: +3

Melee: +9
Ranged: +9
CMB: +8
CMD: +21

Feats and Features:
Armor Training
Cautious Fighter
Weapon Training Longsword
Weapon Training Greatsword
Combat Reflexes
Power Attack
Great Cleave

Armor: Armored Coat
Weapon: Greatsword, Shortbow


Kal was abandoned in the woods by his parents, who gave him up since they couldn’t afford to feed both a child and themselves. He was raised by a human knight, where he spent his childhood losing all the fights he got himself into due to his small size. Pledging to prove himself as a great fighter, Kal left home as soon as he reached adulthood with the intent of returning with a plethora of impressive battle trophies from the foe’s he has killed, ultimately he hoped to add a dragon’s fang to his collection.

After a few failed attempts adventuring on his own, including a particularly humiliating encounter with a swarm of dire rats, Kal decided to join the Historian’s guild. He hopes that his slaying service with the guild will bring him rare trophies, glory, and help him become a role model for short races everywhere.

Battle Trophies So Far:

*3 Lizardman Scalps
*Sorcerer’s Hand
*Charred Animate Tree Bark

Kal Antum

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