Myra Sweetbrush

Lead Historian in Helmrest, De facto Ruler


Wizard (Level Unknown), Specialization in Evocation


Myra Sweetbrush is known as the Lead Historian for the Historian’s Guild in Helmrest. She is a very well-known figure within the town. Myra has spent her entire life in Helmrest, and is fiercely protective of it. As the highest Guild authority in the town, Myra has a substantial amount of political power and Guild resources, and often serves as its de facto leader when the mayor is unable to serve, due to his frequent poor health.

Hardworking and conscientious, Myra uses every opportunity to improve and defend the well-being of her home town. She has two children, a pair of identical twins (A rare gift for Half-elves, who are usually infertile), but her husband, Alain Sweetbrush, was killed several years ago when the town was attacked by lizardfolk. Myra was devastated by the incident, and only gradually recovered from her grief.

Recently, the party has discovered that she did not recover as well as hoped. By pleading with Zon-Kuthon, Myra saved her husband from the brink of death, but only by keeping him constant and unbearable pain. In the interim, it is clear that she has tried a number of different restorative magics, to no avail.

In an incident during the attack of Redwood on Helmrest, Myra used her husband as a medium to Zon-Kuthon, in an attempt to save the town. In the completion of the ceremony, however, Calix Desundair stabbed Alain with his starknife, killing him. Myra, already on the brink of sanity, was mentally broken, and attempted to prevent Calix from leaving. However, the party escaped, and Myra was last seen trapped with her dying husband in the portable dimension within the Amulet of Zon-Kuthon.

The names of her children are MĂșirah and Pallielah (“Miracle” and “Happiness” in Elvish, respectively).

Myra Sweetbrush

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