Ustler the Governator Mayor-King, aka God

He enjoys both pigs and researching ancient powers.


HP: Unknown
AC: Probably low, he is a wizard.
Weapons: Likely none, so what’s the threat?
Spells: He’s yet to cast any beyond instantaneous polymorph. It appears likely that this is his only spell. So he probably isn’t dangerous.


He hates Steve the Inhabitant. Rumor has it that ever since Steve brought up Ustler’s spoon, that Steve has been enjoying himself within the God-King’s farm. As one of the pigs. This information is yet to be solidified.

Ustler is one of the most-respected Guild members since the Disarcanon. He was pivotal to the reformation and reconstruction of the Guild after the event, which was no simple task. His infinite wisdom and common sense are known throughout Aurnia, at least by those who concern themselves with Guild matters and history. Around twenty years ago, Ustler was the Guardian of Proudrock. (This was before the two-leader system, which Ustler instituted upon his leave from Proudrock so that no one ruler could be as powerful as he.) He decided that his career had reached a climax, and Ustler thus declared his leave from the mainland. Thus, Ustler traveled to Elgia as one of the most level-headed and respected Guild members. His almost divine legacy lives on to this day, with his endorsements carrying some weight in current political affairs.

He appears to now turn into a spoon on occasion. And sometimes a pig. By the gods he doesn’t believe in, he does love a good pig. Doesn’t eat bacon! No bacon. Bacon is the food of evil. The food of lust. The food of Steve. He hates Steve. Steve would make nice bacon. Too bad Ustler doesn’t eat it. Lust? Everything is lust. Society these days, made of rabbits one would think. Rabbits are tasty. More tasty than pigs. They make good stew. Arcane power! Now that’s the really good stuff. Too bad it doesn’t exist these days. Nope. Doesn’t exist. Lame. So boring! Boring like Steve and his inability to be a pig. Or willingness to be a pig. Odd, how he rejected such an idea. So self-centered. What a pig. He needs to expand his horizons and try new things… … …

…so said God to himself in 3rd person.

Ustler the Governator Mayor-King, aka God

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