Amulet of Zon-Kuthon

A Powerful Amulet of an Evil God, with added Magical Properties


While there are many amulets to Zon-Kuthon, this necklace is a minor artifact of considerable power. The spiked chain of the necklace loops into the eye-sockets of a small skull, which drips continuously with a dark liquid.

This liquid falls like tears out of the skull at a rate of an ounce a week, and serves as a powerful, tasteless poison when mixed into food or drink.

At one time, this amulet belonged to Myra Sweetbrush, who worshiped Zon-Kuthon in an effort to save her husband Alain Sweetbrush from death. An additional spell has been laid on the amulet, which creates a portal to another extra-dimensional space, provided the caster knows the proper ritual to undergo. Considering where this portal leads to, however, it is questionable as to why anyone would want to go there…

Amulet of Zon-Kuthon

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