Glove of the Objecta

Animates, a Fragment of Former Power


At Will:

Mage Hand

Can animate a small collection of objects, such as dust, sand, glass, or other materials into a temporary swarm. Attacks vary depending on the type of material, but all swarms have the following stats:

Size: Small Animated Object
Hp: 3d4 (6 hp)
Initiative: As caster
Speed: 40 feet
AC: 16 (+4 Natural, +1 Dex, +1 Size mod)
Base Attack: +2
Reach: None

Special Qualities: Swarm traits, Construct traits
Saves: +3 Fort, +8 Ref, +0 Will

The Glove of the Objecta may be used by any creature who can wear it, regardless of magical ability.


Created by Myra Sweetbrush after the original fragment of the Objecta Luminare was cracked in a struggle with a group of lizardmen, this single black-weave glove is studded with crystal fragments which glitter softly in any light. It is soft to the touch, and fits surprisingly well on whoever puts it on.

Glove of the Objecta

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