The Historian's Chronicles

November 10th, 2012

Level Up to Level 5!
Get 2,200 gp worth of items from the town merchants!
Unless Austin says otherwise.

On November 10th, 2012, a trumpet blast from the Historian’s Guild rang out across the city, followed by trumpet blasts from the guard towers. The Guild seemed to be in panic, yet again, and Mira was in charge of organizing some sort of speech when you began to strangely hit on her. Individuals had broken into the Guild Vault somehow, and the guards that protect the vault were reported dead. However, one of the guards was also reported running East, away from the city. The party investigated the Vault Entryway, to find one guard, slain, ready to fight them and in great need of brains. The other guard was not to be found, beyond a large pool of blood on the other side of the door. The vault door had not been opened. Mira then sent the party to track the escaped zombie-guard. Eventually, they reached a temple of Zon-Kuthon, an evil god of the undead. After slaying several of his acolytes, large undead guardians, and putting out his bloodflames, the party entered the top of his tower. The head cleric of Zon-Kuthon had with him a large, powerful staff, that made people take Will, Fortitude, and Reflex saves all at once. Supposedly, this was the artifact that was stolen from the Vault. Upon bringing it back to Mira, she confirmed and was ever so thankful to have her trusty minio- friends do such kind deeds for her.

Party treasure: 2,800 gp. 6 poison daggers (probably 1,500 gp each). 11 amulets of Zon-Kuthon (probably 100 gp each). 1 large, golden staff-holder thing (another 2,000 gp).
En Total: 14,900 gp / 7 = 2,150 ish, so make it 2,200 gp.

Log 10/6/2012

The party members decide not to risk grabbing the crystal before it tumbles into the sewer hole. The lizardfolk mage, however, seems more determined; it grabs the Objecta Illuminare and tumbles into the darkness. Fortunately, the hole was not as deep as it seemed at first, and while several guild-members tackled the chieftain above, a few others dove into the pit to retrieve the crystal. Unfortunately, they dove directly into a bat’s nest. After a drawn-out battle, the remaining mage and chieftain are killed, and (barring a unfortunate series of attempts to climb up an escape rope on the part of the barbarian)the party was reunited. However, the Objecta appears to have been cracked, and glows only faintly.

Log for 9/29/2012

The party follows the tracks which the unfortunate ambushers left behind them, tracks which slowly wind their way back towards Helmrest. They are interrupted, however, by the sounds of a horn, blaring across the hills from the direction of the town. Tracks forgotten, they rush back to find an army of lizardmen slowly advancing towards the walls, where a disorganized defense is being formed. Myra meets up with the group, ordering them to search the perimeter of the town for a second group of lizardmen, most likely bringing the golem head and the Objecta Illuminare in tow. They found both deep within the storm sewers under the town, where the lizardmen were planning on creating a false golem out of animated clay. They proved highly successful in ruining the machinations of the lizardmen, but several members were left careening towards an open sewer hole, along with the Objecta Illuminare. They must now make an unfortunate decision- do they retrieve the gem, and risk the perilous and potentially deadly drop, or do they let the artifact slip out of their hands?

Adventure Log
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This is the Adventure log for the campaign. From here, we can post notes or summaries about any particular events that occurred during the session, so that anyone whose missed things or doesn’t quite understand what is going on in the larger scheme of the story can catch up. Hey, that’s pretty neat!

I’ll do the adventure log for now, as we are getting started, but there may eventually be times in which I am too busy, or want to hear what you guys think is going on, or see a summary in your own words. But no worries! I got it for now.

See you soon!

Log for 9/22/2012

The first session!

Stationed in Helmrest, the members of the party were rudely awakened early in the morning by a messenger urging them to quickly assemble in the Historian’s Guild Hall. They were met there by Myra, the Lead Historian of the Hall, accompanied by an injured guard. She explained, quickly, that the two artifacts the party and previously brought in (the head of a golem, and an animating crystal called the Objecta Illuminare) had been taken during an ambush on the caravan from Westrim that was sent to collect them.

Upon arriving, the guildmembers were attacked by lizardmen, seemingly lying in wait for investigators. However, the party was more than they had bargained for, and despite the near death of both a lion and the party bard, no casualties were had. Before the last lizardman fell to an impressive shot by the rogue, he seemed to be running in the direction of the town…


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