The Historian's Chronicles

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 3:

After coming into contact with the rest of the party through some sort of portal, the Sharky Sword-Eaters continued forth on their divine mission.

Upon a closer investigation of the power system’s antechamber, the group noticed odd grooves set into the floor. Likewise, the ceiling appeared to have a finer stone surface than the floor itself! Paying no mind to this oddity, the group began exploring the tunnels of the arcane generator.

Upon entering the first room, the party encountered Earl the Vampire! After having a lengthy discussion with the drunkard, whom was recently embibed by Calix, Bambi convinced him to join their noble quest. Somehow, she convinced him using unconventional seduction techniques involving his arm nub (his left arm ended before the elbow in a rather grotesque bone stump). Earl was easily swayed by the promise of many beautiful, one-armed wives, a fine castle, and sheer excess for the rest of his days. Subsequently, the party slew his wives.

An anti-gravity field began forming within the complex, becoming stronger and stronger with each successive arcane generator being powered back on. Eventually, gravity was completely reversed, ensuing a long argument about which way was up and what really was the ceiling or not.

After resetting each of the auxiliary generators, the party had the wise and grande idea of entering the magma reaction chamber itself. The chamber had small pools of magma forming around cracks in the floor (ceiling). A huge metal rod ran down the center of the chamber, plausibly as some sort of heat collection system. With the full system startup, magma began pouring out of grooves in the floor (ceiling) to begin welling around the party’s feet. From the magma rose an enormous lava dragon!

To be continued…

The Beginnings of War: Pre-Disarcanon

A decade or two ago, war broke out between the Arcane and Druidic sects within the Empire. The Druids were an archaic group, deep-seated in tradition and held conservative ideals. Druids, which were more like Shamans in their day, worshiped individual groves or other natural objects, and were incredibly powerful as compared to the current day druids. However, their power only was consolidated within their grove, or other natural site. When fighting broke out, the Empire decided to back the Arcane: they had helped raise the levels of Elgia and aided the Capital become incredibly wealthy. Likewise, they could instantly drop the upper levels upon the City and destroy the center of power within the Empire.

The Druids were driven out of the cities and out of their sacred groves, as fighting broke out across the continent. Retreat orders were sent out, with the destination set as the only place Druids could be safe: the Wild. Thus, the surviving Druids entered the Wild in droves, safe for the Empire for some time. There these Druids remained, with a hatred for the Empire that knew few bounds.

A group of adventurers, loyal followers to Aerlyn the Long-Bearded met within his study for a secret meeting. The contents of this meeting contained talk of treason, as defined by some. Aerlyn is a relatively youthful elf within the Proudrock Senate, who’s word carries much power within the city, and even within the Empire itself. About a week ago, the Senate renewed that the Druids gathered within the Wild were not an issue and would not be further dealt with until absolutely necessary. The costs of funding a full-fledged war against the Druids within the Wild was much to high to be considered a rational possibility until an immediate threat is proven.

Odd encounters and rumors had begun on the borders of the Wild, rumors of strange Druidic gatherings began spreading throughout Aurnia. These rumors had yet been proven. Thus, Aerlyn brought a band of adventurers together to gather substantive evidence about the Druids, hoping to prove their immediate threat to the Empire, though unsanctioned. A drought had begun throughout the land, and Aerlyn was suspicious about its timing, though aligned with the natural cycle of rainy and dry years.

The adventurers set out with Steve the Companion, who was Aerlyn’s most trustworthy friend, a powerful wizard. The group made their way into the Wilds, first encountering a large band of trolls enjoying their midday meal. This meal consisted of human meat, which proved somewhat odd to the group. No bodies were found, however.

Moving on from the troll graveyard, the adventurers came up to a large opening within the forest, a grove of some sort. Within the grove was an arrangement of a dozen large boulders, ornately decorated with wooden carvings in some sort of henge. Bodies were strung between each boulder, held together by wooden links, finely carved within the limbs of the corpses. Steve, in a rage against this atrocity, began cutting down the bodies vigorously. Likewise, Admiral Bjorg and his riding tiger began destroying the boulders, tearing them from the earth. A storm began forming above the grove, which soon assumed the shape of a storm elemental, striking the tiger with a bolt of lightning. Several minutes later, the storm elemental had been defeated, and the clouds above the grove dispersed along with some of the strong magical aura of the location.

After the battle, Mr. Sandyhat and Steve disappeared. Steve was never seen again, but Mr. Sandyhat seemed rather pleased with himself upon reappearing, talking about strange happenings with a Xill and Steve’s body being used as a nest for some ~65 Xill eggs. Odd.

The party continued deeper within the Wild, finally coming up to a large waterfall. At the base of this waterfall was one man, deep in prayers and thought. He appeared to be worshiping the awesome power of the falls. This place, too, had an incredibly strong magical aura about it. The man presented himself as a Druidic Lord, one of the leaders organizing the strange encounters with the outskirts of the Wild. Angered by their destroying of his henge, the Lord turned into a gargantuan fifty-foot omnimental intent upon slaying the party. Only the nameless Rogue and Chet the Mystic Theurge escaped with their lives, to spread the incredible power of the Druids and the threat they posed the Empire. Thus, war was renewed among the Druids and the Empire.

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 2:

Continuing The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 1:

The Sharky Sword-Eaters left the mutilated bodies of Steve the Bandit and his companions unburied, advancing forward through the ruins of Elgia. Upon consulting the map of Elgia that the Proudrock Consortium bestowed upon the Clan, the group decided to head out towards the Elgian Settlement.

After a few hours of marching in battle order through the ruins, the Sword-Eaters ran into a few kindly fellows, residents of the ruins. Mr. Sandyhat had the wise idea of befriending these kind fellows, describing their business and how successful their lucrative adventures had been of late. However, these amiable souls did not seem interested in his stories, fixated somewhat on the described loot. Several seconds later, these individuals were enormous bears and boars, and began attacking the poor travelers. These individuals did not appear to be your typical lycan clan, as their lycanthropy seemed to come from some strange arcane source from within the beings.

Upon slaying the beasts via unorthodox means (including, but not limited to, summoning a rhinoceros falling upon their heads), Calix and Sandyhat determined that the arcane field within Elgia was somewhat disturbed by the Disarcanon. Pockets of strong arcane power were manifest within the city ruins, and some odd residual arcane remnants were likely warping individuals within the ruins. Bambi likewise concluded that the residual arcane forces would likely have tangible impacts upon the island and its inhabitants.

The Sword-Eaters continued their merry quest, reaching the Elgian Settlement. Kal Antum and Bambi’s companion were blocked from entering the small establishment by some invisible force, much like the force surrounding Helmsrest during the Redwood Incident. Mr. Sandyhat, always the diplomat, threatened Steve the Inhabitant to let Kal and the wolf within the village.

Steve led the Clan to his favorite leader’s abode, the house of Ustler the Governator Mayor-King, though he prefers to be called God. Oddly, Steve warned the party not to mention “the spoon.” Odd. The SSE entered Ustler’s house, marching right up his stairs and into his study. By the general decor within the house, Ustler was clearly a powerful wizard.

Ustler was reading texts within his study, when the party entered. He did not seem to be very happy that Steve the Inhabitant was alive. Needless to say, upon listening to a few seconds of the party’s quest, he interrupted Calix’ speech for more important items: his pig farm. Ustler took the party behind his house, showing them his pig farm. Within the farm was his prized pig, who won the Elgian Pig Competition, hosted by Ustler himself.

Needless to say, Ustler scoffed at the idea of some artifact that drew substantial power from the arcane field. He put forth the theory that arcane power is related to geography, landscape, and a number of other factors. The teleportation circle of Elgia had lost power as of late. When the Disarcanon occurred, the Elgian Laylines began dissipating arcane power needed to use the circle. This then explains why the SSE’s did not instantly appear in the Elgian teleportation circle when attempting to transport themselves there.

The Elgian Laylines are much like a power grid, that somehow channel mana through them. The entire city was once powered by a central power station, situated beneath the center of the city. This massive generator created substantial mana flows, which were then distributed throughout the city via laylines for various uses. Thus, when the laylines were shut down by the Disarcanon, the powered down grid slowly sapped whatever mana was left from the teleportation circle, rendering it useless. Ustler informed the Sword-Eaters that the grid must come back online to reinstate the teleportation circle.

However, Ustler informed the party of the exact location of the Archives of Elgia, where the party would most likely find more knowledge about mana flows and the natural realm. Ustler requested the party find the History of Druidic Empowerment, Version 3.5.

The Sword-Eaters set out towards the Archives, stopping only to climb up the 50 ft cliff formed by the beginning of the second layer of the city. Outside of the Archives was a lumbering monster comprised of large blocks of the city ruins, somehow bound together by arcane energy. Upon cutting the beast in twain handily, the party entered the Archives.

The nameless Rogue appeared! Out of stealth, she came from hiding!

Within the Archives, on the ceiling of the antechamber was a huge mural. The elaborate painting showed smoke rising from the city of Proudrock, and a swarm of enormous red dragons flying to the East, heading to face some remarkable force. Here, the painting was cut off by the ruin.

The Sword-Eaters entered the main Archive chambers, plowing through bookshelves and locating the ones so desired. Within this chamber resided some strange ooze, which appeared to be some sentient, but not sapient, arcane power made solidly manifest. The ever-inquisitive Rogue poked the ooze with her sword, and received quite a nasty jolt from it.

The Clan continued, locating the pathway created by Ustler from the Archives down into the old power generators of Elgia. Upon entering the central control room, the party decided to flick on a large switch within a control panel. This appeared to turn on the overhead lights of the complex, and glowing arcane runes on the walls began glowing.

Several seconds later, a strange portal appeared within the room. Calix poked his head through said portal, to see Dave the Barbarian! Thinking it amusing, the same individual tossed a bottle of wine through said portal, which was quickly followed by a beautiful white mare.

And then I left. So idk what happened since.

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 1:

After two years of hard work within the Guild, Calix Desundair was promoted to a chair upon the Consortium of Proudrock. In the weekly Gathering, the Consortium discussed the typical dragon issue Proudrock experiences. Dragon attacks occur in Proudrock almost every century, which has made the city air defenses quite powerful. However, the last attack upon the city was several hundred years ago, which is not expected with their centennial raids. Within the past year, the white dragon clan to the East began attacking shipping lines: a most odd occurrence for the proud beasts. These attacks ceased six months ago. With rumors spreading throughout the city about dragons brutally slaying and destroying a small village to the northeast, the Consortium decided to send out a scouting party to investigate.

A drop-dead gorgeous party involving Calix Desundair the Consortium Representative, Bambi the Druidic Consultant, Monsieur Sandyhat the Arcane Consultant, Nameless the Loeriella Mountain Range Expert, Cal Antum the Dragon Slayer set forth into the Mountains.

After several hours of hiking North, they ran into an old, abandoned wagon of some unfortunate travelling merchant. The wagon was nearly completely destroyed, and all items of value taken from it.

The party continued onward, finding the body of a young white dragon slain on the path before them. Calix, always taking advantage of the resources available to him, began carving scales off of the corpse. As he desecrated the body, one of the parent’s of the slain young dragon arrived, horribly distraught. It immediately began attacking the party, while sending telepathic images of the adventurer’s leaving the Loeriella Mountain Range and returning to Proudrock. After several attempts to fireball and/or calm Steve the Dragon, the adventurers of Proudrock managed to settle its nerves and acquired the following information:

Red and white dragons typically do not interact, mainly keeping to themselves. However, the white dragons, traditionally residing within the Falls Rookery to the East, have recently been ousted of their nest. Attacking with reckless abandon, the red dragons brutally murdered much of the opposing clan within their home. Since then, the white dragons have been running, fleeing, and fortifying in makeshift rooks to the west.

Several weeks after that day, all dragons within the Loeriella Range have become telepathic, with enhanced arcane abilities.

The party continued onward, to the Falls Rookery, now hosted by the red dragons. In drawing out one of the younger dragons and subduing its territorial natures again, the party discovered that some artifact has been boosting the capabilities of the dragons within the rook. Apparently, some device or force has been increasing the density of the arcane field within this region, thus empowering the dragons which live there.

The party then left the Range, and Calix consulted the Consortium of Proudrock with the new information. The Consortium decided they try to find another such artifact, for their own use and power against the dragons. Thus, the party entered the Teleportation Circle, and quickly found themselves within Elgia, the ruined capital of the Empire.

The capital city used to be comprised of three magically floating layers, which, when the Disarcanon occurred, collapsed upon themselves, destroying the city. The city is now a skeleton: the home to bandits, courageous artifact dealers, and Desna-knows-what. The party then set forth for the Great Archives of Elgia, to uncover information upon such an artifact.

Several minutes of wandering later, they came upon a camp of bandits: Paul, Earl, and Steve the Bandit. Several sword swings and throws later, the three unfortunate bandits were horribly brutalized and died painful deaths.

Experience: Not enough to level up.
Loot: 2 +1 viscous greatswords, and one +1 greatsword. (18,000 gp / 5 = 3,600 gp each)

Adventure Log for 2/9/2013

The party stands at the exit of Helmrest, facing Redwood. Before they can act, however, Myra Sweetbrush regains some semblance of consciousness. Clearly unbalanced, she faces Calix Desundair and demands that he return the Amulet of Zon-Kuthon which he is holding. Reluctantly, he consents. After muttering a few arcane words into the skull, she throws it on the ground and disappears, leaving a sizable pool of blood in her wake. In a quick decision, the party splits: one half approaches Redwood directly, while the other investigates the dimensional portal left by Myra.

The heroes who approach Redwood take note of massive size as they approach, and the wind impeding their progress grows stronger and stronger. The land itself begins to fight against them, grass wrapping around their ankles. While the druid seeks to strike a bargain with the creature, the rest throw themselves into the fray.

The members that go through the portal are also faced with a bizarre sight. Through the portal seems to be a collection of restoration and preservation materials, all surrounding a altar to the glory of Zon-Kuthon. The centerpiece of this foul shrine is none other than Alain Sweetbrush, Myra’s husband who had supposedly dies years ago during a lizardfolk raid. Through the power of the Tortured One, his life has been preserved, albeit at the cost of unending, mind-shattering pain. Apparently, Myra has been seeking to restore the life of her husband, but when faced with the destruction of the town, desperately seeks to create a direct connection to Zon-Kuthon through her husband, and bargain for his divine aid in the battle against Redwood. Out of options, she begs the party to help her in the ritual.

Davorin “Dave” and Kal Antum consent. Through their blood, the ritual is completed, but Zon-Kuthon demands a payment in return for his services. He asks for Calix Desundair to bow to him, and relinquish his eye. To the first of these demands, Calix gives in, but when asked for an eye, in a fit of righteous rage, stabs Alain. Overwrought and tortured with heartbreak, Myra throws herself at Calix as Zon-Kuthon laughs, and grants his bloodfire to Davorin “Dave” and Kal Antum. The party flees, leaving Myra and the dying, possessed body of Alain Sweetbrushtrapped in the dominion of He Who Hurts.

Log for 01/26/2013

Upon returning from break, and due to laziness on the part of the DM, a short adventure was played.
It consisted of a brief pre-adventure, during which the party was recruited to seek out and subdue a hill giant which had taken up residence in the caves near Helmrest. The party set out quickly. Much to their consternation, however, they found the cave filled only with cows on their arrival. These cows, however, quickly proved to have abandoned their peaceful bovine way of life in favor of giant fangs, a thirst for blood, and (for at least two of them), leathery wings with which to fly. The giant, who had been deeper in the caves, heard the battle and joined the fray. He too was quickly eliminated, however.

Within the caves, they found:

1 Jar of Hill Giant Wine
3 Rolls of Textiles of high quality
A +1 Defensive Short Sword
A +2 Long Sword
2,300 gp

Assorted fruits and veggies!

This is in addition to the 5,500 gp for the bounty.

This story is happy end.

Log for 2/2/2013

We return to the party, as they encounter Yuesef Greyholt inside the pub. Directing them to the armbands they left behind when speaking with Myra Sweetbrush, he speaks candidly about his intentions. It appears as though the 3rd Legion has been tracking a creature through the Wild for some time. Unable to scry directly onto it, they could only observe the massive swathes of destruction it caused in its passage closer and closer to the west and the border of the great forests of the Wild. It has been heading for Helmrest. In an effort to finally capture and kill the creature, Yuesef explained, Helmrest is to be used as bait; the beast will be trapped within the arcane ballistic shield, while the Legion firebombs it, destroying both the creature and the town itself. Unwilling to risk the plan, Yuesef has refused to authorize an evacuation. Suggesting the party flee while they can, Yuesef leaves to attend to his troops.
The party also leaves- after being waylaid by an animate tree, from whom they quickly deduce the truth; the creature sought by the 3rd Legion is a massive, sentient tree known as Redwood. The full extent of the powers of Redwood are not yet known.
The party rapidly splits up – some begin fighting back the living trees that have begun to occupy the city and directing as many townspeople as possible to the boarders of the town, while others head directly to the Guild Hall, seeking to locate the lizardman who the party had once brought to Yuesef for questioning. Once there, they find the creature, tortured and strapped to some kind of operating table. Shaking him conscious, he manages to convey that Redwood cannot be harmed by normal or magical fire, and that they must seek what the lizard man calls Bloodfire or Hellfire, bestowed by He Who Hurts, a name for Zon-Kuthon. In another cell, they find Myra Sweetbrush, who also displays signs of having been tortured. The group takes both prisoners to the city gates, where they meet up with the rest of the party, having rescued about 200 citizens, not including much of the city guard. As the party is reunited and the sun begins to rise in the East, the silhouette of a massive redwood tree can be seen, standing alone in the ashes of the forest burnt by the Legion.

Log for 12/8/2012

Upon their meeting with Myra Sweetbrush, the party learned that Helmrest has now been placed under quarantine by Yuesef Greyholt and the rest of the 3rd Legion. Concerned for the safety of the town from threats both within and without, Myra tasked the party with two objectives: the first, to retrieve the Order of Quarantine (ratified by four of the six legions) from her office, which had been commandeered by Greyholt, and the second, to investigate the magical barriers constructed by the 3rd Legion around the town.

Following a large number of hijinks in scaling the outside of the Historian’s Guild Hall, the newcomer Calix simply flew to the top of the tower. He retrieved the order (after some difficulty) and also found, to his surprise and revulsion, a true amulet of Zon-Kuthon, an evil deity of pain and darkness, continuously dripping a lethal poison.

As this transpired, a second group consisting of Eran “Charisma” Freewill, Trini Dottelight, and Sylvestr the Convoluted walked to the gates, outside of which the magical barriers had been constructed. After close examination, they found that the poles were used to keep people and objects entrapped within, but allow objects to enter into the space. After a (cough, cough) friendly chat with a guard, they nabbed a small talisman which should allow them to walk through the protective magics. However, as they left, they could already see gaunt and skeletal trees silently invade the city…

The party reconvened at the tavern, and quickly went to the hidden smuggler cellar which Myra had been waiting in. When they arrived there, however, she was gone. Before they could leave the tavern, however, they were confronted by Yuesef Greyholt who had been waiting for them…

Log for 12/1/2012
Luckily, April the Pipesmoker was saved from his fiery fate by Sylvestr the Convoluted,Eran Freewill, Davorin, and Admiral Bjorg LongBeard, who had been sent as support for the party. However, the fled from a large black moving tree, which attacked them soon afterwards. Once they were reunited, the party ran into another of these strange trees and were forced to destroy it.

They had scarcely defeated the tree and rescued two lizardmen from death when they were sent a message via the Historian’s Guild symbols on their uniforms. The forest was to be firebombed, and the party barely managed to escape to the hills before the entire forest was lit up by the 3rd Legion. Upon returning to town, the PCs were greeted with the sight of soldiers setting up a magical protective shell around the town, and armed men walking in the street; Helmrest was now under the martial rule of the commander of the 3rd Legion, a man known as Yuesef Greyholt. The party was called to meet with the commander, and also arranged for a secret meeting with the distraught Myra Sweetbrush afterwards. Yuesef Greyholt (Who had been scrying on the party) apologized for the sudden intrusion of the 3rd Legion, and asked about the PCs’ involvement in the swamp. He thanked them for retrieving the two lizardfolk, and then swiftly executed one of them in Myra’s office. The PCs were then dismissed and left to wander about the city until their meeting with Myra later that night.

November Summary

After the lizardfolk attack on the town was successfully repelled, Myra Sweetbrush sent the PC’s to track down the settlement from which the battalion of lizardfolk came from. With the help of Myra’s scrying abilities, the PCs followed a released lizard-man to a small settlement, entirely devoid of living lizardfolk. The corpses within the hamlet had seemingly terrorized by the wood of the town itself, which had been animated in some regard. The party then followed a small blood trail deeper into the swamp, where they found a clutch of lizardfolk eggs in the center of a wooden henge. In a fit of rage, they lit the eggs on fire, seemingly angering the spirit of the swamp itself. They fled from the water elementals which rose from the swampwater, and were separated from April who returned to the original hovel. While the rest of the party fought off a small number of lizardfolk covered in chitinous tree-bark, he set fire to one of the shacks, and through a series of unfortunate events, was caught under the burning rubble.


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