Aurnia is a landmass composed of a single, massive continent and a series of small archipelagos, most of which are located to the west of the main landmass, and is the home of a massive variety of environments and people. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and many more call Aurnia home. The history of the land is long and often obscured through time. One truth is undeniable, however; the land is wet with blood from countless wars, and innumerable ruins dot the landscape, or lie deep underground.

Aurnia is pregnant with magic and strange powers that even now remain unexplained, despite the thorough attempts of the Historian’s Guild. Because of the important role that magic has played in the history of the continent, Eras are commonly divided by the discovery of the manipulation of certain kinds of magic, similar to how we devide history in terms of the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

Two hundred years ago, a massive empire called the Elgian Empire dominated the majority of Aurnia, based on the precepts of arcane knowledge and military power. They had long been the force of authority on the continent, and were in the last stages of a plan to assimilate the remaining portion of the land yet unconquered. Opposing them were a loose collection of druids, called The Amaranth seeking to preserve the land against the industrialization that the Elgian Empire promised to bring.

The plans of both were brought to an abrupt end by the Disarcanon, a series of magical catastrophes which rocked the continent, destroying the integrity of the Empire and hurtling The Amaranth to near extinction. Two hundred years later, Aurnia is still reeling from the effects of the Disarcanon. The Empire has dissolved, leaving a series of city-states struggling for survival. The wilderness is now more unsafe than ever, and much of the wealth and artifacts from the Empire remain missing as of now.

In the power vacuum left by the fall of The Empire, an organization has slowly wrested a small degree of control and civilization on Aurnia. At one time the Historian’s Guild was a minor guild of the Empire, unimportant and without power. After the Disarcanon however, the Historian’s Guild were one of the few organizations to survive the chaos, with their knowledge of how to utilize and rebuild the arcane relics of The Elgian Empire. Almost overnight, their power grew tremendously as the voice of reason in the anarchy. Their influence grew and grew, until a loose connection of city-states was established, each connected by the dominating power of The Historian’s Guild; at this point, some city-states are controlled directly by the guild.

As the wounds of civilization are slowly healed, new powers and old influences loom over Aurnia: some to recreate the golden ages of power and influence (preferably of their own), some to lay waste to it, to finally swallow up the last pieces of civilized life on the continent.


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