The Historian's Chronicles

The Proudrock Fiesta, Pt. 1:

After two years of hard work within the Guild, Calix Desundair was promoted to a chair upon the Consortium of Proudrock. In the weekly Gathering, the Consortium discussed the typical dragon issue Proudrock experiences. Dragon attacks occur in Proudrock almost every century, which has made the city air defenses quite powerful. However, the last attack upon the city was several hundred years ago, which is not expected with their centennial raids. Within the past year, the white dragon clan to the East began attacking shipping lines: a most odd occurrence for the proud beasts. These attacks ceased six months ago. With rumors spreading throughout the city about dragons brutally slaying and destroying a small village to the northeast, the Consortium decided to send out a scouting party to investigate.

A drop-dead gorgeous party involving Calix Desundair the Consortium Representative, Bambi the Druidic Consultant, Monsieur Sandyhat the Arcane Consultant, Nameless the Loeriella Mountain Range Expert, Cal Antum the Dragon Slayer set forth into the Mountains.

After several hours of hiking North, they ran into an old, abandoned wagon of some unfortunate travelling merchant. The wagon was nearly completely destroyed, and all items of value taken from it.

The party continued onward, finding the body of a young white dragon slain on the path before them. Calix, always taking advantage of the resources available to him, began carving scales off of the corpse. As he desecrated the body, one of the parent’s of the slain young dragon arrived, horribly distraught. It immediately began attacking the party, while sending telepathic images of the adventurer’s leaving the Loeriella Mountain Range and returning to Proudrock. After several attempts to fireball and/or calm Steve the Dragon, the adventurers of Proudrock managed to settle its nerves and acquired the following information:

Red and white dragons typically do not interact, mainly keeping to themselves. However, the white dragons, traditionally residing within the Falls Rookery to the East, have recently been ousted of their nest. Attacking with reckless abandon, the red dragons brutally murdered much of the opposing clan within their home. Since then, the white dragons have been running, fleeing, and fortifying in makeshift rooks to the west.

Several weeks after that day, all dragons within the Loeriella Range have become telepathic, with enhanced arcane abilities.

The party continued onward, to the Falls Rookery, now hosted by the red dragons. In drawing out one of the younger dragons and subduing its territorial natures again, the party discovered that some artifact has been boosting the capabilities of the dragons within the rook. Apparently, some device or force has been increasing the density of the arcane field within this region, thus empowering the dragons which live there.

The party then left the Range, and Calix consulted the Consortium of Proudrock with the new information. The Consortium decided they try to find another such artifact, for their own use and power against the dragons. Thus, the party entered the Teleportation Circle, and quickly found themselves within Elgia, the ruined capital of the Empire.

The capital city used to be comprised of three magically floating layers, which, when the Disarcanon occurred, collapsed upon themselves, destroying the city. The city is now a skeleton: the home to bandits, courageous artifact dealers, and Desna-knows-what. The party then set forth for the Great Archives of Elgia, to uncover information upon such an artifact.

Several minutes of wandering later, they came upon a camp of bandits: Paul, Earl, and Steve the Bandit. Several sword swings and throws later, the three unfortunate bandits were horribly brutalized and died painful deaths.

Experience: Not enough to level up.
Loot: 2 +1 viscous greatswords, and one +1 greatsword. (18,000 gp / 5 = 3,600 gp each)



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