Foxxie Lightening, the 3-Armed

Clinically Insane, Ex-Opium Addict


Race: Half-Elf
Classes: Barbarian (1), Alchemist (5)
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

HP: 42
AC: 12
Fort: +8
Ref: +4
Will: -4

Madness (Paranoia): -4 on Will Saves and Charisma-based checks.
Ex-Opium Addict (Severe): -1d4 CON and -1d4 WIS, permanent.


Hails from a nomadic tribe from the northern desert. His mother is the chief shaman and priestess of the tribe. Approximately one year before his birth, a psychotic group of bandits killed the weaker half of their tribe, and brutally raped and impregnated the strongest women that survived. They wore symbols of Rovagug and shouted of a new code of order and strength in the world.

He is a gangly and awkwardly tall half-elf, with frazzled hair and a certain madness in his eyes. A few months prior, Foxxie had a severe addiction to Opium, which had permanent damages to his psychological well-being and attributes. He is now recovering, on a soul-searching quest to find and define himself.

He trusts nobody, as raised by his mother, and has been clinically diagnosed as Insane, with Madness (Paranoia) to break the 4th wall.

Foxxie is not a member of the Guild.

Foxxie Lightening, the 3-Armed

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