Those old grey beards and stuffy red-black robes back West? Yeah, they don’t know shit about the Historian’s Guild. They think its still some sort of school, some remnant of the past that they can’t let go of. That, or a bureaucratic machine, designed to move papers around. No, out here, we know what the Guild really is. It’s a last line of defense. Lady, I’ve seen things come out of the Wild that can freeze the blood in your veins, eat you whole, and spit out the bones quicker than you can duck behind your pathetic bodyguards. Out here, we’re the last ones standing, which mean we’re the best there is. And if you aren’t the best of the best, you got no place here. Every day is a battle in Westrim, and we don’t always win.
- A Westrim Fighter, speaking to the Lead Historian Turia Elbrook

Westrim is one of the three famous Historian’s Cities on the continent of Aurnia, along with Archival and Proudrock. Isolated in comparison to the other centers of power within the Historian’s Guild, Westrim serves as the site of the majority of military power for the guild. In addition, the strongest voice of authority within the region of central Aurnia. There are perhaps no other cities on the continent that can boast the sheer manpower and firepower than Westrim does. As a result, it often serves as the last resort for any city-state threatened by either the wild or by another city state. Depending on who you talk to, Westrim is a judicious police force, a collection of bloodthirsty soldiers, a tyrannical dictatorship, or the last true bulwark of defense for civilization on Aurnia. Westrim is governed by the six commanders of the Guild’s military and executive forces, all of which have direct and complete control over one of the six Legions of Historian’s Guild soldiers. Each Legion has a distinct purpose, and have their headquarters within Westrim.

The Legions are as follows:

The 1st Legion- Involved in civil protection and judiciary measures in cities connected to the Historian’s Guild.

The 2nd Legion- In charge of all infantry and foot soldiers within the Guild. Often works with the 4th Legion to provide protection various city-states.

The 3rd Legion- The research and intelligence branch of the military services of the Historian’s Guild.

The 4th Legion- In charge of all calvary, siege, and heavy-weapon (magical and non-magical) forces of the military. Often works with the 2nd Legion to provide protection to various city-states.

The 5th Legion- Serves as the medical, veterinary, industrial, and magical support for the other legions. Often acts as supplemental forces for various tasks.

The 6th Legion- Serves as the center of arcane and divine firepower, as well as for experimental magic not addressed by either The 3rd Legion or The 5th Legion.


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